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Warning: The F.O.Y. ministry cannot and will not take any responsibility for any inquires you may receive. There is no way we can discern who is actually responding to your post. Some may be true. We must never forget there are many Judas' among us. So take heed, do not give anyone your exact location and especially do not just give your location as to where your commune will be! We need to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.  We strongly recommend you pray for discernment, take time to get to know the person(s). You could even set up a meeting place to get to know the person as well.


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We cannot control the use of our material by others. We at Followers of Yahushua Ha Mashiach are not associated with any other organization, group, congregation, website or videos that label themselves as "Followers of Yah" unless otherwise noted. Recently there have been many using our phrase "[We are] Followers of Yah" and that simply is not correct as they have taken our words and website title. We have ask some not to do this as we do not agree with all of their doctrine. However, they continue to use our words and title. So please do not be confused. If you have a question about the ministry, please ask us.